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  • Placementor offers an extremely attractive dealership program.

    First things first

    What is the difference between our
    award-winning affiliate program and the highly acclaimed dealership program?  

    Simply put, an affiliate directs customers to our Web site and earns money on the purchases they make.  

    A dealer gets the products (hard goods) from us and markets them to customers.  

    So, while most affiliate support and sales is technology-driven, we invest a lot more time with the dealers on training, one-on-one communications, and product shipping.  

    The commissions are much higher for the dealers as they typically invest more initial money in the business.  

    You should become a dealer if

    • You want to sell primarily to institutions and corporates.  Our institutional products and services are most suitable for dealers.

    • You are from a region where most students are still not familiar with the Web or not comfortable buying products from a Web site.

    • You have a sales team or a retail outlet that attracts many prospective customers.

If you have a Web site or are planning an e-mail campaign or referrals to friends and, more importantly, if sales is not your primary activity, we strongly recommend that you become an affiliate rather than a dealer.

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We are very particular about our partners:  before granting affiliation, we look at the content depth and knowledge base of our partners.  While considering dealership, we take into account the sales force and experience that our partners bring.

Of course, you can become a dealer and an affiliate if you think you can manage both.

How much can you earn as a dealer?

It is difficult to give an exact figure but here is how it works wonders.

Our flagship product for the dealers is our Digital Mentor.  This has been received extremely enthusiastically by colleges worldwide and can be sold easily to any college.  

Suppose you sell this product to 25 colleges in your locality in a year.  This may require around 7 to 10 days of work every month from your side.  Depending on how many licenses and services you sell, you earn anywhere between US $10000 and US $25000.

The best part is yet to come.  Every year, we add hundreds of hours of new content and new technology modules to our DigitalMentor.  So, we provide a great repeat value for our customers.  You can just continue to market to these 25 colleges every year and earn substantial revenues.

And we have talked about just one product.  

Look at our products catalog to have an idea of the opportunities.

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How do you become a dealer?

Here is what you must do:

  • Fill and submit the dealer application form (it takes 5 minutes)

  • You will immediately receive an acknowledgement

  • Within six hours, we will send you a dealership agreement.  As we send you some hard goods, demos, and marketing material and as we provide you one-on-one training, obtaining dealership involves an initial payment.  

  • Once you sign the form and make the payment, we will send you the dealer kit which has


Sample CDs and demos

Product presentation CDs

Dealer action guide 

10 copies of one of the student products that you choose

This material is sufficient for you to sell DM to 50 colleges.

  • Periodically, we conduct comprehensive training programs for our dealers about our products and sales.  You can attend them personally  or set up a time when our trainer can spend one-on-one time with you through our secure Internet chat session.


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So, what is so good about Placementor's Dealership program?

  • Placementor relies heavily on partnerships for promotion.  You are very important to us. We value your contribution.  You will realize it the moment you become our partner.

  • In the true partnership spirit, we have developed the most rewarding and fairest dealership program on the net.  You get a minimum of 25% of the sale price as commission on all the sales.  The exact details are in the dealer kit.

  • Placementor gives you a wide range of high quality products to market.  Just see our catalog to understand the product range.  We also have an online support team that helps you at every step.

    Currently, we have a total of 9 high demand products.  We add one new product every quarter.

  • The market for educational products worldwide is steadily growing.  Placementor products are sold to 20,000 to 25,000 customers every year and the number is growing at 30% every quarter.  We have not even scratched the surface.

  • Our products benefit people from the beginning of their college years to the middle of their careers.  Hence, once a customer buys our product, we ensure that she/he comes back to us again and again.  We do all the hard work.  You get your payment as you have brought him/her to us.  This means that you get commissions again and again from the same customer.

  • Success in dealership programs calls for spadework.  You need to effectively explain our products.  We help you do that with a range of marketing tools: Demos of our products, presentations, and brochures.

So, the process is simple and we walk with you every step of the way.

Click here to sign up for the program now.

Within minutes of signing the form

  • Within minutes of signing the form you will receive an acknowledgement

  • We send you the instructions to become a dealer within six hours.

  • You can immediately start marketing the products.

Click here to become a dealer.

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