Determine your Personality Type


Placementor-Psychometric assessment is a test developed by Placementor experts to help you choose a career, which is suitable to your personality. 

The test is based on the theory of personality types developed by Carl Jung (1875 1961). The test is given below. Go ahead and take the test.

This test will help you determine the type of personality you have. Determining the type of personality you have can help you decide a suitable career. 

Before you begin:

1. Complete the test within 30 minutes 

2. Work spontaneously and quickly. Do not think for a long time about the item. Once you understood the meaning, you just answer, which statement describes you the best.

3. Do not discuss with others while you are responding to the items. 

4. All care is taken that the test yields results which are reasonably reliable when taken according to the instructions. Reliability is tested using the parallel form method.

5.Users of this test further agree that Placementor shall not be responsible or liable to users or any other person as successor, assignee or third party beneficiary of users for indirect, punitive, exemplary, special or consequential damages which may be alleged as resulting, directly or indirectly, from the use of this test.



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