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Globarena’s Excellence Mentoring 

In our endeavor to work closely with colleges and contribute to institutional development, we have formed GEMS-- Globarena’s Excellence Mentoring School, a privileged assembly of handpicked colleges like yours, with the vision and passion to excel to provide our premium services

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GRE Test Preparation Software


The best preparation program for graduate education (GRE, admission essays, recommendation letters, university selection and a lot more) got bigger and better.  

New additions include a 120 hours of training in reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary for non-English speakers.  Success has never been more assured.

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I never had set myself a goal and saw the need. It is almost scary that I would have continued that way, if I did not study your career development products. Now I am doing my business through my website promotion kits

T.K.Reddy, Webmaster 

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The most definitive place on web for skill development and it is all FREE.
  • 5 full length courses and workbooks in essential skills
  • Hundreds of small courses on skill development in all essential areas (we will keep adding to this)
  • FREE versions of all the Placementor products and courses

See for yourself why success is easier than ever for you and why Placementor has thousands of raving fans from all corners of the world.

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Competition is fun...
...as long as you beat it

Placementor gives you complete, comprehensive, and success-guaranteed training that delivers results like no other program has done before.

Download some of these sure-shot-success courses Now for FREE.

Whether you have 

desire to build language and personality skills 
on-going Job search or

Grad school aspiration,

Since 2000, Placementor.com has helped over 35,000 students like you from 20 different countries achieve their academic and career goals with a range of test-prep and career development products.

A network of 100 colleges, 
5 universities, 10 web sites, and over a million hours of digital teaching experience
make us the market leaders anyway

But, what we cherish most is the fact that most of our students out performed extremely tough competition with the help of our revolutionary tools.

But how?

"PlaceMentor Edge"
as our students refer to it is not magic (though most of them swear it is!).  

Our tools help you nail down what works for you and make you a master of those techniques.  So, from apprentice, you become an authority and you won't even notice it.  The others will! 

Happy and successful Placementorians from the remotest corners of the world felt that every course they took was a delightful experience.  

It wasn't easy.  

A dedicated team of experts, writers, editors, visualizers and multimedia designers put in thousands of hours of work to make the content that works for you.   

A faculty team, drawn from industries and institutes worldwide, with an average profile of a Masters degree and 11.3 years of training experience gives you the essence of their long, rich and practical experience.  

They teach you the best strategies and tips.  You get the "Edge" without even trying for it.  You learn only what works and what matters.

Placementor takes you to the next level of of  digital learning experience.  Games, puzzles, movies, animations, interactivity make learning really an edutainment. 

It is built on one single belief: technology's only purpose is to make very difficult learning extremely easy.  

You can learn from any corner of the world, with a low-end PC and a bad dial-up connection (that also you do not need often!) and still get the best experience.

( Delivery)

Finally, we know that, as a student you have to distribute your resources.  

We also know that, like many of our customers, you can be from any part of the globe and have dollar conversion limitations.  Our passion is to help you get the best of experience and knowledge at the lowest possible prices and we stick to that.

We over-over deliver value.

By definition, every Placementor course has at least 10 times more information than a comparative course if available elsewhere.  The prices will pleasantly shock you.  

Cutting edge technology and efficient processes help us maintain this almost unfair edge over competitors.

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Since 2000, Placementor.com has helped over 35,000 students like you from 20 different countries achieve their academic and career goals with a range of test-prep and career development products. 


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