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Our Mission

Creating cutting edge technologies and developing exclusive world class content for educational programs that will enhance the employability and career growth of students all over the world. 


Executive Team

The Technical Team

Over 55 software engineers and programmers work diligently to produce revolutionary, cost-effective technologies at PlaceMentor.

The Content Team

At PlaceMentor, over 30 PhDs with several decades of teaching experience write content exclusively for digital media. This is tested, edited, and rewritten by writers who are specially trained in PlaceMentor's proprietary workshops.

The Marketing Team

Over 30 persons promote PlaceMentor's products and services and look after the needs of its customers. Service before self is not a mere cliché for this team. 

The Administration Team

PlaceMentor's HR, finance, accounts, and production are looked after by over 15 dedicated professionals.


PlaceMentor is poised for great growth. Last year our employee strength grew by 1,275 per cent. During the same period our fiscal turnover increased by over 35,000 per cent. And we have only just begun . . .

Our commitment to you: 
Our products will always be world class, and the support will be in a class of its own!


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