"The Scientific Way to 
Develop a Magnetic Personality"

A must have course for 
anyone intending to succeed

If you'd like to 

  • Build enough confidence to take complete charge of life, 
  • Get noticed positively in any crowd and 
  • Make your presence happy and memorable for others, 

Well, you are not aiming for anything difficult!

Think of a party, get together that you have recently attended.  Can you pick the most charming, friendly, instantly likeable and almost over achieving person from that crowd? 

If you are that person, congratulations!!!  You may most certainly not require this course.  But, read on to explore some really exciting stuff.  

If you feel that he/she is very special and you are so unlike them,

Think about it again

Those special people knew what it took to be special.  They carefully cultivated the traits that you think that they are born with.

is all about helping you become that special person both at home and at work.  It is about making you a one in thousand person.


" If one sees the personality not as an apparatus that is essentially constructed by the time childhood is over, but as always in its essence developing, then life at 25 or 30 or at the gateway to middle age will stimulate its own intrigue, surprise, and exhilaration of discovery"

Erik H Erickson: The Growth of His Work by Robert Coles

"Softskills is a misnomer. Those are in fact the hardest to acquire and need the best of the training methods"

HR head of a Multinational corporation

Personality skills are some what like the preaching of the Holy Book.   All most everyone agree that they are important.  But, very few actually explore it.

helps you do that exciting exploration

Let us see how

  The course walks you through several aspects of personality development

You have the advise of some of the best scientists in the field and hence lose no time in trial and error

  It uses no theoretical jargon or complicated passages from classics

You can benefit even if you are not a Ph.D in philosophy

It is interactive

You don't read. You practice!  You can see the results and compare with your previous self with you.

  It covers all aspects of growth for self and at work place

We will go through a list of table of contents soon.  But, this course can just be       the only course you will ever need for the purpose

We priced this exciting bundle 
Placementor's "
for Windows 
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Let us Explore

is a complete course on the subject.  It is easy to understand and taught to you in do-it-yourself mode.  

What you get in this course are 

Two digital courses of 75 hours of personality development
Two complementary work books.
Year long web based support by psychologists in career related and personality related aspects

Literally all aspects of personality are covered in these matchless guides.

Here some of the topics covered in the course

Envisioning your future
Understanding yourself
Personal management
Divergent thinking
Managing people
You, within the organization
Interactions with colleagues, subordinates and superiors
Self-development at the work place

The course takes anywhere between 150-200 hours of self-study and fun filled activities and is designed to work for students, working people and those who took a break from work and wanting to jump start a new lease of career.


Here is glimpse of the reactions from 
those who tried the course


I never had set myself a goal and saw the need. It is almost scary that I would have continued that way, if I did not study this

T.K.Reddy, web master


Testimonial: It is always very difficult to find energetic, dynamic and self-motivated candidates any where. Teaching them these skills the way you do is perhaps the only solution to the HR problems

Ajay Chandra, Member, Board of National HRD, India


Here are the 4 elements that you absolutely, positively must know about your personality before you start the course:

You are unique:  

Don't try to do things in a certain way for success because it worked for others.  The best way to success is to identify what works best for you basing on your strengths and then use those strengths all the time to work for you.  

It is a process and we will teach you that.  To the best of our knowledge, there is no simple trick to mass produce charming people.  

This is the beginning.  

is not a one day trick.  We are not magicians.  In fact, we don't know of any who can turn you in to Mr. Charming (or Ms. Charming) just like that.  You have to change yourself.  The change is also a life long process. 

All you need for this and all we give you is solid guidance and proven methods to start the process the right way and take it a long way. 

You will start seeing the results immediately and you will also see the scope for further growth.

The process is Scientific

Personality development is not an imprecise branch anymore. Many bright minds in social sciences have studied the aspect in detail.  What we are aiming to do in this course is to present the available knowledge (including our research work) in an easy to understand manner for every one of you. 

Domain Skills are only a part of success

While excellence in a specific domain is necessary for the career growth, it is no longer a sufficient condition.  So, don't make the mistake of ignoring the importance of a well-rounded personality.


What can be more worthy than
a Distinctive Personality



What you get in this course is 75 hours of digital material (2 CDs) and 50 hours of work book material (2 books) in addition to the support. 

We price it at less than $40 USD

Sure, if we were to sell for $300, it would still be priced ridiculously low (after all, we would then be charging less than two dollar fifty cents per hour of training!).

But a $300 price tag would restrict it to those who probably do not need it... 

Those who can attend expensive seminars on the same topics and pay without blinking.

We, on the other hand, whole heartedly want you to grab this life changing course without actually worrying about money.

Do it... do it now...

We priced this exciting bundle 
Placementor's "
for Windows 
 worth Rs.5770 ($ 120 approx..)
at just
Rs.1250 (US $27) - that's an amazing 76% discount!!

Special Anniversary offer (20% discount)  on PersonalitySkills product
Rs. 950 (US $ 19.95)


So, here is what you get with the

  A CD that teaches you the personality aspects that you need to cultivate for self-growth. Whether you work for a multi national company or take care of your children at home, this guide helps you find meaning in what you do.

A complementary guide for personality development that has more activities

A CD that has a complete course on personality aspects for the work place.

A complementary work book with more activities

It is complete, robust, thorough and fun.  

Well, we almost forgot our customer's favorite adjective for our course:

It's vibrant!!!

By the way, the bonus is yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money back guarantee:

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee

is a product of Placementor.com and enjoys the iron clad guarantee that all the CC.net products enjoy.

We don't want your money if you are not thrilled with us...

Study our

Feel the "Placementor.com experience" andif you feel that you are not getting what you expected from the pack, just return the CDs and the floppies.

We will return your money (CD price + your shipping charges if you ordered the CD).

We will not ask any questions.  We will not be hurt.  In fact, we will thank you if you tell us what part of our course disappointed you.  

That's more than a guarantee,It is a promise.

If you are still not sure, here is how you can avoid the confusion

Order now.

Within minutes, you'll be downloading the complementary guides.

Review them..

If you think that you have not already gotten more than you paid for 
If you feel the books are not everything that you hoped them to be,

(Remember you have not even seen the main course, 
the two CDs of around 50 MB), 

just ask for your money back. No kidding.  

You can ask for your money back anytime.  But if you do it right away, the credit will cancel out the charge, that way you know you credit is not touched!

That's what we mean by a 100% guarantee

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decision of the year
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Special Anniversary offer (20% discount)  on PersonalitySkills product
Rs. 950 (US $ 19.95)



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