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User Reactions

As of now, Placementor has serviced over 20,000 highly satisfied and successful customers.  Obviously, it will be impossible for us to put all their complements and feed back at one site.

Here is a glimpse of the complements  showered by our most important partners:  our customers

Recently I bought "PlaceMentor's MS-PhD and one month back I ordered for "WordMentor".  Both courses are extremely  nice. They are helping me a lot.  In fact I am spending 6 to 7 hours daily with these CDs.  I am hooked!










































































PlaceMentor has developed world-class skill development programs for institutes/colleges and students. Your performance is guaranteed to improve from day one.

35,000 students from 20 different countries have been raving about this new and exciting method of building skills.

Whether you are interested in Test preparation, communication skills, career development, or personality development, you are in for a lot of exciting exploration. 





World's most comprehensive GRE prep tool.  Bigbook solutions, section tests, unlimited CATs, writing assessment, university selection, resumes, cover letters, college essays, vocabulary, and more.



World's most comprehensive SAT prep tool.  
SAT practice tests with 40 Section Tests
Detailed review and explanations at the end of each 4 Full length Tests, Vocabulary building software, and Test Strategies . Foundations on each section of Algebra, geometry, probability, arithmetic, reading, etc.



English training for non-English speakers. We start from the basics and take you to a comfortable level in this 90-hour training program, with training in reading, writing, speaking, and grammar. learn more



SAT vocabulary building has never been so easy.  Exercises, flash cards, revision, games, tough words, crosswords, comprehensive index, and a lot more.

Over 4000 words that are chosen from the actual tests.



Scientific career counseling, training and recruitment assistance.  The most effective and complete tool (the only on on the web of its kind) in its category.  A web based psychometric, aptitude assessment service (Mirror), digital training in language, personality, career skills, computer and IT skills, corporate skills, resume creation software.  

If finding a job is a big problem, CareerMentor is your pocket guide to success.



The most scientific way to find your strengths and the careers that suit you most.

There is always a career where your success is guaranteed.  You just need to find it at the right time.  Mirror helps you do just that.


Personality Skills  

"The most scientific Way to develop a magnetic personality"

A must have course for 
anyone intending to succeed


Entrepreneurial Skills  

Learn what entrepreneurship is, understand the excitement and gauge the risk with a number of lively examples. Learn techniques to identify potential business ventures and how to set them up and run them.


Self-Learn CD's 

Placementor's self-learnable, interactive, digital content programs make for a highly stimulating and effective IT learning experience is proved repeatedly by the satisfaction of our clients.
Computer programming, IT related, Marketing & sales, Career related self-learn CD's etc.. Learn more..








In our endeavor to work closely with colleges and contribute to institutional development, we have formed GEMS-- Globarena’s Excellence Mentoring School, a privileged assembly of handpicked colleges like yours, with the vision and passion to excel to provide our premium services

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enables your institute (college or university) provide comprehensive career training to your students.  

DM provides coaching in all the essential components of your career --- communication skills, life skills, personality skills, entrepreneurial skills, computer and IT skills --- in one single package.  

Over 400 hours of digital programs and 1000 pages of books, and unlimited Web support makes this the only comprehensive training and career development tool on the web.

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