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World's most comprehensive GRE prep tool.  Bigbook solutions, section tests, unlimited CATs, writing assessment, university selection, resumes, cover letters, college essays, vocabulary, and more.

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Level 3 Questions



      1.  word : grammar
      2.  speech : conversation
      3.  rhythm : poetry
      4.  syllable : sentence
      5.  anecdote : metaphor
Answer : 3

Explanation :
Idiom is the innate part of language, a characteristic that is peculiar to a language. The one is the essence of the other. (A) Grammar is the study or rules of the language and is not associated with 'word' in the above sense. (B) A speech could be a 'one to many' kind of communication while a conversation is more interactive. The relationship is not the same as the one above. (C) Rhythm is the essence of poetry, which is what makes it different from prose. This relationship is analogous to the one given above. (D) A syllable is a part of a word and not of a sentence. (E) An anecdote (narration of an event) may or may not contain metaphors (imaginative way to compare two different things) - it is not an intrinsic part of an anecdote.

2.   Summit:Peak::

      1.  man:mind
      2.  schedule:program
      3.  car:bus
      4.  father:mother
      5.  government:society
Answer : 2

Explanation :
These two words are synonyms. Schedule and program are also synonyms.

3.   SIP : GUZZLE ::

      1.  tipple: imbibe
      2.  chew: mull
      3.  swallow: spit
      4.  nibble: gorge
      5.  hurt: injure
Answer : 4

Explanation :
Sip means to drink a liquid slowly, while guzzle expresses taking it in quickly and in large quantities. (A) Tipple is the habit of taking alcoholic drinks, while imbibe means to simply drink, or take in ideas/knowledge. (B) Chew (associated with eating/biting) and mull (to think or ponder over) are different unrelated actions. (C) Swallow and spit are opposite actions associated with taking in and throwing out respectively. (D) Nibble means to eat slowly, while gorge means to take in large quantities and eat quickly. They are related in the manner of 'sip and guzzle'. (E) Hurt and injure are the same actions, but there is no difference in degree between the two, as we saw above.

4.   Dilapidation:House::

      1.  pollution:atmosphere
      2.  bankruptcy:business
      3.  anticlimax:novel
      4.  spelling mistakes : text
      5.  accident:vehicle
Answer : 2

Explanation :
Dilapidation means ruin. In the pollution-atmosphere analogy there is no specific degree of pollution mentioned,and a lesser degree of pollution need not mean the ruin of atmosphere. Similarly in the accident-vehicle analogy no degree is specified. Whereas when a business goes bankrupt it means ruin of the business.

5.   Water:Life::

      1.  ink:pen
      2.  words:book
      3.  food:survival
      4.  flower:plant
      5.  flavor:taste
Answer : 3

Explanation :
Water is an essential component of life. In the ink and pen analogy while ink is an essential component of pen, it is also the central component. Whereas food is essential for survival, it need not be the central component. Because food may be available but survival may depend on various other factors like health,security,etc.

6.   CODICIL : WILL ::

      1.  Chapter: Novel
      2.  Appendix: book
      3.  Line: Poem
      4.  Draft: Manuscript
      5.  Credits: Film
Answer : 2

Explanation :
A codicil is a supplement modifying, revoking or explaining a will. It is added to the will as an afterthought. (A) A novel comprises of chapters, they are an integral part of it. (B) An appendix is added to the end of a book for a variety of reasons, for explanatory, statistical or bibliographic purposes. This is analogous to the given pair. (C) A poem is an arrangement of lines in metrical order. The lines are not added to the end of it . (D) A manuscript is the original draft of a piece of writing. The relationship is not similar to the one above. (E) The credits for the making of the film may be displayed at the beginning or the end of the film but they do not modify or add to the content of the film.

7.   Blaze:Trail::

      1.  love:commitment
      2.  fathom:depths
      3.  lead:leadership
      4.  evolve:animals
      5.  develop:growing up
Answer : 2

Explanation :
To blaze a trail is a phrase in English meaning to make a way where there was none. To fathom the depths is also a standard phrase.

8.   Aphrodisiac:Sex::

      1.  amplifier:signal
      2.  motherboard:computer
      3.  time:watch
      4.  plot:story
      5.  points:game
Answer : 1

Explanation :
An aphrodisiac is a compound that boosts sexual drive.In other words,it amplifies it.


      1.  Cupidity: Greed
      2.  Deranged: Insane
      3.  Infallible: Perfect
      4.  Abstruse: Simple
      5.  Garish: Lusty
Answer : 4

Explanation :
The two words are antonymous - an adventurous person is not timid. (A) Cupidity is greed for gain. It is not antonymous to greed. (B) Deranged and insane are synonymous, both indicating mental instability. (C) An infallible person is perfect, she doesn't make mistakes. The two words are not antonyms. (D) What is abstruse is not simple or easy to understand - this is a similar relationship to the one given above. (E) Garish relates to an object or a manner of dressing but lusty relates to a characteristic of a person. The two words are not related in the sense given above.

10.   Vampire:Dracula::

      1.  sports:tennis
      2.  tiger:lion
      3.  dark:gloomy
      4.  paranormal:occult
      5.  mistake:blunder
Answer : 1

Explanation :
Dracula is the name of a vampire, just like tennis is the name of a sport.


      1.  absorb : sponge
      2.  locate : shelter
      3.  perambulate : standstill
      4.  neglect : prospect
      5.  permeate : perforate
Answer : 1

Explanation :
A filter is used to percolate, or strain through a liquid. The second is used to accomplish the first. (A) A sponge is used to absorb liquids - the analogy is similar to the given one. (B) The two words are unrelated in the sense given above. (C) To perambulate is the opposite of standing still. The relationship is not analogous. (D) The two words are unrelated in the sense given above. (E) To permeate means to flow in slowly and to perforate is to make holes. The two words are unrelated.

Analogies level 4 questions

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