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World's most comprehensive GRE prep tool.  Bigbook solutions, section tests, unlimited CATs, writing assessment, university selection, resumes, cover letters, college essays, vocabulary, and more.


World's most comprehensive GRE prep tool.  Bigbook solutions, section tests, unlimited CATs, writing assessment, university selection, resumes, cover letters, college essays, vocabulary, and more.

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Level 3 Questions



      1.  equivocal
      2.  reticent
      3.  silent
      4.  laconic
      5.  mute
Answer : 2

Explanation :

Garrulous is being excessively talkative. Reticent means being unwilling to talk much. Laconic means using very few words. Equivocal means being open to more than one interpretation.


      1.  generous
      2.  indulgent
      3.  abstemious
      4.  thrifty
      5.  miserly
Answer : 3

Explanation :
Self-indulgent is being given to excessive spending and pleasure-seeking. Abstemious is being controlled in one's instincts and impulses for pleasure. Thrifty means a money saving tendency.


      1.  supported
      2.  protected
      3.  strong
      4.  fortified
      5.  indomitable
Answer : 2

Explanation :
Vulnerable is being susceptible to outside influence or attack. Invulnerable is being 'protected'. Indomitable means impossible to subdue or defeat. Fortify is to strengthen or invigorate someone mentally or physically.


      1.  incomplete
      2.  divided
      3.  peripheral
      4.  incoherent
      5.  remote
Answer : 3

Explanation :
Integral is being central and essential. Peripheral refers to something like an add-on and therefore not so important. Remote is something distant or faraway.


      1.  venerate
      2.  abuse
      3.  respect
      4.  servile
      5.  obsequious
Answer : 1

Explanation :
Execrate is to hate intensely. The opposite of hate is love. When you love someone you also respect him or her. But since execrate is an intensive form of hate or loathing, venerate which is an intensive form of respect is the answer. Abuse: scold or use foul language servile: slavle-like; obsequious: having a self-degrading tendency to please someone;


      1.  tidy
      2.  systematic
      3.  hapless
      4.  neat
      5.  reticent
Answer : 2

Explanation :

Haphazard is working in random, disorderly fashion. Systematic is doing a task with method and regularity. Hapless means unlucky or unfortunate.


      1.  ordinary
      2.  uninviting
      3.  difficult
      4.  trying
      5.  unimposing
Answer : 2

Explanation :
Alluring means attractive and charming. Ordinary means normal and usual. Uninviting is not attractive and it is opposite of alluring. Options trying, difficult, unimposing have nothing do with attraction.


      1.  authentic
      2.  disloyal
      3.  fictional
      4.  spurious
      5.  imaginative
Answer : 4

Explaination :
Genuine means real and authentic. Authentic means something that is of undisputed origin or genuine. Disloyal means failing to be loyal to a country or person or body to which one has obligations. Spurious means duplicate and fake.


      1.  craven
      2.  worthless
      3.  irredeemable
      4.  imperturbable
      5.  incompatible
Answer : 1

Explanation :

Dauntless indicates the unbuckling spirit of a courageous person. Craven is indicated of shameless cowards who sink in abject fear. This is the right answer. Worthless means something or someone having no value or good qualities. Irredeemable is one that cannot be corrected or saved. Imperturbable means not easily troubled or worried. Two people are said to be incompatible when they are not able to live or work happily.


      1.  stimulated
      2.  provoked
      3.  activated
      4.  reciprocated
      5.  invigorated
Answer : 4

Explanation :
Unrequited is a feeling of love not being reciprocated or returned. When a man loves a woman and the woman too loves the man then it is reciprocated love. Therefore the option reciprocated is the right answer. When stimulated or activated someone or something will become more active or alert. Provoked is used to evoke negative emotions such as anger or irritation. Activate is to make something active. Invigorate is to energize something.

Antonyms Level 4 Questions

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