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World's most comprehensive GRE prep tool.  Bigbook solutions, section tests, unlimited CATs, writing assessment, university selection, resumes, cover letters, college essays, vocabulary, and more.


World's most comprehensive GRE prep tool.  Bigbook solutions, section tests, unlimited CATs, writing assessment, university selection, resumes, cover letters, college essays, vocabulary, and more.

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Scientific career counseling, training and recruitment assistance.  

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How to 
distinguish between a 
CBT and CAT?

ETS-GRE is a CAT and not a CBT. But most other companies that sell their material are selling you only CBTs. These companies may claim that they are selling CATs. Practice on CAT is lot more desirable than CBT. Even CBT is very useful. But, you should know what you are practicing to make most of the practice. 

First of all let us start by defining the  

CATs A CAT or a computer adaptive test is a test that adapts itself to the test taker. In essence, it gets easier if the user is performing poorly and gets difficult if the user is performing well. There is a lot more to CAT, but for the present discussion it is sufficient. I have discussed CAT-CBT in great detail in my FREE ETS KIT. If you want more info collect it from the left box.

CBTs on the other hand are regular tests that use a computer interface. The questions do not change based on your performance. 

Difference between CAT and CBT:

To Know The Difference Here are a few ways to check whether you are answering a CBT or a CAT:

1. Answer a few questions and end the session. Then start the test again. This time, deliberately give different answers. If the questions you get are different, then you are working on a CAT. If the questions are same, you are working on a CBT.

2. If the first question itself is different, it means that the test has a large pool of questions at each difficulty level and it is picking randomly. This is a very good sign.

3. If you do not find that the questions are becoming either easy or difficult, then probably, the test maker did not take enough care in creating the questions. Difficulty is a relative thing. So, the best way to do it is to compare the performances of all your friends on a given question.

4. Last but not least, do not decide that an exam is CAT. Just because it has a software interface, it does not let you go back and asks you to confirm after you answer every question. These methods can be adapted on any test (CAT or CBT) irrespective of their nature.

The ETS Advantage 

The ability to read and interpret complex material written above a certain difficulty level, knowledge of fundamental mathematics, an excellent ability to analyze complex situations. 

Confidence Building

Now look at what these tests can do for you. Preparing for subject specific tests increase your depth of knowledge in the given field. Whereas GRE prepares you to face the complex world with a degree of confidence. 

Whether it is facing an interview, giving a seminar or handling a situation that is completely new to you, your skills after preparing for the ETS exams will definitely increase to a productive extent. Most entrance exams and campus interviews emulate ETS for this very same reason.Then And NowTake my profile for that matter



Before the Exam

Just After the Exam


Very poor (compared to that of any bright vernacular medium student)

Much above average (compared to anybody in the world)

Reading Speeds

less than 100 words a minute

Around 400 words per minute (and improving at 40-50% every year)

Number of books (quality) read


10 (non technical) and more than 10 (relevant to my field but not included in the curriculum) per year

Confidence levels

Very low

Above average

Logical interpretation skills


Very good

Ability to learn on one's own


Very Very Good

The Result

The idea is to just let you know that preparing for this test made such a big change though I did not intend it at that time. My goal like most others was to just get an admission in an American university. But what a real benefit it turned out to be!

These tests are so special because they ensure that you have every skill other than your academic proficiency. The skills that you acquire through preparing for these tests are essential if you are to be considered in the intelligent strata of the society. Whether you pick them up this way or some other way, you need these skills.

To me these are more than mere entrance exams. In my case, it changed the way I looked at higher education. It taught me that higher education is not just mastering a few more lessons in my field of specialization. It helped me increase my ability to handle any complex problem with a given level of adeptness. 


It is with this realization that I strongly endorse GRE preparation for any student whether they are interested in going to US for higher education or not. GRE equips you with logic, confidence and clarity like no other exam does.

 I conceived of the MS-PhD (GRE series because)

  • I wanted you to solve 1000s of highest quality questions that improve all these skills and where else I can get those questions other than the original tests of ETS.  I collected more than 2500 actual GRE questions and packed them in my first release:  ATS-GRE. 

    My team consisting of 24 Ph.D's, provided truly world class solutions to all the questions. (these solutions are not available anywhere else in the world and I am proud of them)

  • I wanted you to learn how to tackle such questions.  Any standard exam worth its name asks similar questions and I wanted the ideal strategy source for these exams.

  • I wanted you to start improving your vocabulary (the most crucial element of success in competitive exam world).

  • And I wanted this entire thing to be surprisingly inexpensive.

Every ATS test series product has all these and a lot more.Just look at it: 
Good vocabulary, sound basis of fundamental mathematics, an excellent ability to analyze complex situations presented through exciting and intelligent exercises. 
That is why, I recommend preparing for ETS tests to anyone interested in developing essential skills.

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