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World's most comprehensive GRE prep tool.  Bigbook solutions, section tests, unlimited CATs, writing assessment, university selection, resumes, cover letters, college essays, vocabulary, and more.


World's most comprehensive GRE prep tool.  Bigbook solutions, section tests, unlimited CATs, writing assessment, university selection, resumes, cover letters, college essays, vocabulary, and more.

Career skills & Counseling

Scientific career counseling, training and recruitment assistance.  

The most effective and complete tool (the only on on the web of its kind) in its category.  A web based psychometric, aptitude assessment service (Mirror), digital training in language, personality, career skills, computer and IT skills, corporate skills, resume creation software.  


English training for non-English speakers. We start from the basics and take you to a comfortable level in this 90-hour training program, with training in reading, writing, speaking, and grammar.


Institutions or Colleges


DigitalMentor enables your institute (college or university) provide comprehensive career training to your students.  

DM provides coaching in all the essential components of your career --- communication skills, life skills, personality skills, entrepreneurial skills, computer and IT skills --- in one single package.  

Over 400 hours of digital programs and 1000 pages of books, and unlimited Web support makes this the only comprehensive training and career development tool on the web.






































Computer Skills:  

A must for any one

Information Technology is omnipresent in today's corporate world. It is difficult to find any career that does not involve IT. A recent nationwide survey found that computer literacy requirements for jobs at all levels have increased dramatically in the past decade. Meanwhile, corporate leaders are putting more emphasis on recruiting individuals with an understanding of computers and Information Systems.

If your students are IT specialists, their understanding of computers (and IT in general) is probably rigorous already. Therefore, little time or effort needs to be devoted to training such students in computer and IT skills. 

The real issue is to identify the aspects of IT that are essential for non-IT specialists. Such people primarily use IT for communication purposes in their careers. Therefore, learning how to communicate efficiently using computers and other Information Technologies becomes very important. You must ensure that your students are capable of using all the modes of IT-based communication effectively before they apply for a job. Remember, IT and computer skills not only enhance a student’s employability, they also increase self-confidence.

Another great advantage of computer and IT skills is the increased ability of the student to learn. In the ’Information Age’ where access to information is a mouse-click away, most of the career and soft skills necessary to make a student a confident person can be learnt through a computer. IT-based education has several advantages over other forms of education. Firstly, students can learn anytime and anywhere. Secondly, computers allow students to learn through text, visuals, sounds, and animation, all at the same time. So, students need no longer be confined to learning from poorly written guides. Lastly, but most importantly, because computers are ubiquitous now, IT-based learning can be a life long process. With e-learning being introduced into corporate training, learning ‘on-the-job’ is a rule rather than an exception.

Important IT and computer skills

Nowadays, employees of a large number of companies are expected to know how to operate computers. However, very few are actually trained to use technology as a tool for organization, communication, research, and problem solving. Keeping this in mind, the following are certain essential computer skills that your students must acquire if they wish to become confident and successful career persons.

  • Using word processing applications
  • Using database applications
  • Using spreadsheet applications
  • Creating and using multi-media presentations
  • Using the Internet for research
  • Designing and publishing information on the Web

Learning the essential IT and computer skills

A thorough knowledge of IT and computer skills can provide a student with the ability to complete assignments, solve problems, and more importantly, succeed in their career. These skills can be learnt through various channels. For example, one could learn through

  • computer training institutes,
  • online computer training programs,
  • free online tutorials, and
  • online guides or libraries.

Mentor-Digital provides a course dealing with all the essential computer and Internet skills as well as with other career skills. 

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