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Data Interpretation

Level 3 Questions


Question 1.  

1.   Of every dollar received by the federal government, how much (in cents) is from coporate sources?

      1.  32
      2.  70
      3.  30
      4.  35
      5.  29
Answer : 1

Explanation :
Total revenue =$(20+32+6+92+70)=220. Revenue from corporate sources = $70. Therefore, required percentage = (70/220) (100) = 31.5%. Approximately it is 32 cents.

2.   what percentage of the federal revenue is derived from borrowings?

      1.  0.2%
      2.  0.02%
      3.  2.7%
      4.  1.2%
      5.  2.5%
Answer : 3

Explanation :
Borrowings = $6. Therefore, required percentage = (6/220) (100) = 30/11 = 2.7% approximately.

Question 2.  

DIRECTIONS: The following question are based on the bellow table, which shows per capita Mean Expenditure, Per capita Food expenditure, Number of Households and Per capita cereal consumption, in both quantity and value, for different expenditure classes of rural India. The sampled 41597 households are divided into 12 expenditure classes, starting from less than Rs.65 per month per capita and ending at more than Rs.385 per capita per month.

1.   According to the results of this sample survey, what is the proportion of total expenditure on food to total expenditure for all the sampled households taken together?

      1.  58%
      2.  36.7%
      3.  63.3%
      4.  71%
      5.  Cannot be determined
Answer : 3

Explanation :
Answer is (100/158.1)x(100.82)=63.76 approximately.

2.   What is the difference, approximately, between the gross expenditure of the sampled households in the Rs.95-110 expenditure class and in the Rs.180-215 expenditure class?

      1.  372000
      2.  448000
      3.  496000
      4.  93.8
      5.  52.3
Answer : 1

Explanation :
Answer is (196.36 x 4023)-(102.56 x 4067)=789956.28-417111.52=372844.76.

Question 3.  


1.   The amount spent by country C in 1983 is what percentage more than the amount spent by Countries A and B together in 1977? (Find approximately)

      1.  50%
      2.  179%
      3.  75%
      4.  13%
      5.  70%
Answer : 3

Explanation :

The amount spent in 1977 by Countries A and B together =$ (0.75+1.25) = $2.0 million. The amount spent by Country C in 1983 = $3.5 million. This is $1.5mn more than (A + B). In percentage it is = (1.5/2.0) (100)=75%. Therefore the answer is (C).

2.   Which of the following statements must be true? i) Country A spends minimum amount of its budget on arms. ii) Throughout, Country C has spent the maximum amount on arms during the years shown. iii) An examination of the information for the last 3 years reveals that generally all 3 countries are reducing their expenditure on arms.

      1.  i only.
      2.  i and ii only
      3.  i and iii only
      4.  ii and iii only
      5.  None of the statements above.
Answer : 5

Explanation :
From the given data we cannot say the statement i) must be true. The graph gives us information only about how much money each country is spending on arms, but it does not give us any information of the budget of each country. Statement ii) is not true. In 1979 Country B has spent more than Country C. Statement iii) is also not true. Countries B and C have reduced their expenditure on arms from 1981-83 and country A has reduced its expenditure in 1983 compared to 1982. But in 1982, country A has not reduced its expenditure and is spending the same amount as in 1981. Therefore None of the statement must be true. Therefore the answer is (E).

Question 4.  

1.   About how many degrees (to the nearest degree) are in the angle of the sector representing mortgages?

      1.  59
      2.  106
      3.  211
      4.  246
      5.  318
Answer : 3

Explanation :
Mortgages --> 58.6% Therefore 58.6% of 360 degrees = (58.6/100) X 360 = (0.586) (360) = 210.9 degrees. This is nearest to 211. Therefore the answer is C.

2.   The annual rate of interest from "other assets" is 4.8%. If the total assets of the bank are 57.6 million dollars, what is the annual income (in dollars) from "other assets"?

      1.  82,944
      2.  921,600
      3.  1,728,000
      4.  2,764,800
      5.  3,600,000
Answer : 1

Explanation :
Total assets = $57.6 million. Other assets=3% of total assets = $ 1.728 million. 4.8% of $1.728 million = $ 0.082944 million or $ 82944.

Data Interpretation Level 4 Questions

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