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A career in ITES industry: Module 3 


Industry Basics

IT-enabled services are processes and services that are performed or provided from a location different to that of their users or beneficiaries and are delivered over telecom networks and the Internet. The main link between the company and the customer is the outsourcing center, also called as the Contact center. 

Contact centers (also known as customer interaction centers) can be defined as dedicated facilities which act as shared service centers, for specific customer oriented activities and which rely heavily on the state-of-the-art communication and information technology. These centers are used for handling a variety of customer interaction activities such as marketing, selling, advice and/or technical support, billing, customer support, etc. In simple terms, a Contact center is a 24 x 365 service center that has adequate telecom facilities, trained personnel, and access to wide databases. The basic work of these centers to implement proper CRM.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. Good customer relationships are at the heart of business success. CRM is as a process that will help bring together lots of pieces of information about customers, sales, marketing effectiveness, responsiveness and market trends. With CRM in its place, ITES companies thrive to the fullest. 

Let us know understand the basic principles of how this IT service industry operates. We will look into some concepts like Call Centers, Medical Transcription Centers, Insurance Claim Processing centers, Legal Database Centers, Digital Content Development/Animation Centers, and Back Office Operation Centers. 

Call Centers:

Call center is a service center that has good telecom facilities, trained consultants, access to the Internet and other online information support infrastructure to provide information and support to a customer.
A typical call center functions as follows:
A caller uses a toll-free number that is connected to a customer support center. When a call reaches the call center, the caller is answered by a trained consultant who has access to a wide database of information and is trained on the product/service being offered. The dedicated telecommunication links connect a remote call center to the parent organization through voice links and online computer database access. The web technology created to support the Call center ensures that the consultants have the most current information available so that high standards for efficiency are met. With the increase in global connectivity, it does not matter if the call center is located in the city of the caller or anywhere else in the world.

Medical Transcription Centers:

In most of the developed countries, the doctors simply record their findings through a Dictaphone or some such device, they cannot afford to spend time writing the records of the patients, so they record it. These sound tracts are then sent through datacom lines to overseas companies (where costs are much lower). These companies that employ "transcriptionists" who hear these recordings, transcribe them into reports and send them back electronically through the same lines. The twelve-hour gap has given India an advantage over other countries. And because of the availability of high-speed satellite links it is now entirely feasible to do this in any part of our country. India proves to be a good outsourcing center because all one needs are graduates who have the ability to read and write English with reasonable comprehension abilities. 

Insurance Claims Processing Centers: 

Large insurance companies get loads of claims. And because there are well laid down rules on how they are to be processed, such processing can be done anywhere. The requirement is the availability of graduates who can read and write English in large numbers, a few doctors, and a few accountants. To save costs, large insurance companies in the US are now outsourcing this kind of work. This is a good opportunity area for fresh graduates who are looking out for jobs in ITES. 

Legal database Centers:

In countries like the US even junior lawyers' services are highly priced. If all the information regarding the relevant laws and rulings are well managed and are readily accessible, it would be easy for anyone to work through it. One of the most promising and low cost way of having ready access to information is IT (Information Technology). Many legal firms have now started to outsource this work to organizations who have a large English speaking, lower priced workforce of trained lawyers. The job comprises of working closely with the firms to create a database of their existing records, index on incorporating them into database as per well- established parameters. Lawyers can then simply use their computers to draw up a history of like cases and draw a clear plan of action. 

Digital Content Development/Animation Centers:

Digital content development is emerging as one of the fastest growing service segment in the global IT services industry. It caters to the needs of web site management, production of content for new media such as CD (Compact Disk), DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) and products of convergent technologies such as Internet enabled TV. It offers a large emerging potential; as more and more offices, homes, institutions, students and professionals realize an ever growing need to have easy access to information that can also be suitably fused with other media. It consists of compilation and development of digital content.

Back Office Operation Centers:

Industries such as Banks, Airlines, etc., require large-scale data entry and revenue accounting work to be done. For revenue accounting and other back office accounting operations, paper documents/ raw data are sent to remote locations, which are used for data entry and necessary reconciliation. Using high-speed datacom links for their back office and data processing operations, these banks, airlines and other organizations with extensive data turnover and customer interface are able to save costs and valuable resources. The main concern of these companies is 100% availability of data and uptime of facilities. 

Over the last few years, there has been a steadily growing trend to outsource such services to major IT service providers with contracts running into decades. The prime criterion for such projects is quality of organization processes, availability of abundant manpower and ability to dedicate resources to client's needs. India stands to gain from such a trend, as Indian software industry has been able to make a mark and also has access to a huge pool of skilled as well as semiskilled professionals with relative cost advantage.

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